Babham is known from the performance group Sirqus Alfon. He started out his career on the streets of Berlin and has toured Sweden and Europe as well as China and the States. Babham has hosted several business conferences, parties, music events and anniversaries in Sweden and abroad. His custom made presentations are developed in close collaboration with the customer. Babham´s super- advanced technical presentations with projections and variable effects will outperform all the PowerPoint presentations you’ve ever suffered through.


Dowload Hi res photos and Tech raider here:


Tech Raider

The man behind the character, Erik Rosales has several years of consulting in how to combine technical equipment and stage performance. The skills he possesses are many, and his thirst for new challenges are here to stay. Let us know your ideas and Erik will give you cost efficient solutions. His latest work with D1gits and seven iPads has now reached over 2 million viewers on youtube.

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Erik has two main focus areas in his lectures: How to work with technology and performance to reach new audiences and, The Keff Way, a journey through Eriks carrear and the philosophy in doing wrong. Both his  lectures are more than a traditional “sit down and listen”. They engage the audience and are visual and creatively unique.


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